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The Future of Work Capsules: It’s the era of skills


By Baptista Sarah Gebu (Mrs.)

This is to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters a happy, healthy, progressive, promotional and prosperous Eld-ul-Fitr celebration.

It’s easy to be stuck in your comfort zone. Work, the workforce and the workplace are changing. It’s the era of Skills. Many are experiencing the significant changes of technological progress and its impact on their work already. It’s time to future –proof our skill sets for the decade ahead. What quick adjustments are you making to the future of work, and how do we prepare for tomorrow’s job today? The future of work will look beyond hard skills.

Hard skills denote the job-related knowledge and abilities that employees need to perform their job duties effectively. Soft skills, on the other hand, are the personal qualities that help employees really thrive in the workplace.

Flexible working is the next battleground for talents. It is so because flexible working relates to working arrangements where there are a variety of options offered to employees in terms of working time, working location and the pattern of working.  

It’s the era of skills and not paper certificates. Possessing the right skills will offer you great competitive advantage. Originality, innovation, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, communication, digital competence and other 21st century skills and competences are evolving as more and more important. Critical thinking and problem –solving tops the lists of skills (World Economic Forum, 2021).

Skills are the talent needed in order to do a job or a task. Job skills allow you to do a particular job whiles life skills help you through everyday tasks.  Almost any skill can be learned or improved.  Skills, be it technological and or “human” skills – are quickly becoming the new professional currency, a benchmark for evaluating the workforce. What skills set do you possess?  In order to keep up, adapt, and work effectively, a growth mindset and the ability to continually learn to innovate and invent is recommended.  Learn to upskill and reskill. To upskill is to provide training that enhances one’s existing skill set, allowing us to grow in our current role whiles, reskilling is the process of learning or training someone on new skills that will help them do a different job. To reskill is essentially to retrain an employee for a new position. The difference between reskilling and up-skilling is this; when we reskill we learn new skills so you can do a different job, or to be able to train people to do a different job. Whereas to upskill, we focus more on improving our skills so we can work within the same job.  To prepare for the future of work and the challenges and opportunities it presents, grab copies of my new book – also good as your Eld-ul-Fitr gift item as we celebrate the Eid for 2023. The E-book (soft copies) also available on Amazon and other portals at @Sarahtistagh.

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