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Finding your way home – How to balance oneself to a successful life


Lately, very often than not, it is very easy to lose yourself in a lot of the things, it may be from work, family, relationships or just our social interaction, for most of us losing ourselves is not even the worst part, having to deal with issues in solitude and still keep up appearance is the real struggle. The thing about solitude is, it rarely gives you a choice, you can be surrounded by a number of people but somehow still feel lost.

While it is normal for every person to have days, they feel less motivated or simply not in the mood for anything, the magnitude of situations has the tendency of sending people into depression, in minimal cases psychology professionals have said that major episodes of depression can last up to 2 weeks or longer, but this really depends on how our situations play out. Some people have ability to pull themselves out of these moods easily, is this a special skill they mastered over time? Or do they just know who they are and how to manage themselves on these days?

It is absolutely true that the average adult spends most part of their days at the office or behind their pcs and smart phones doing some form of work, our jobs have an impact on the quality of life and relationships we have. Whether as an entrepreneur or working for an organization, the pressure from work related activities eventually catches up with in the form of stress. You are doing yourself a great favor if you find an effective way to manage both physical and mental stress. Taking time to have self-reflective moments can change your perspective on situations and how you handle it.

Do you think employers consider employee self-management? Or as an employer do you have measures in place to ensure your employees are happy in performing their roles? it is often up to you as an individual to make sure you find a balance between your work and social life, this will mean consciously taking steps and engaging in activities that will facilitate or enhance this balance, while this process may take time to master, you are on a path to rediscovering your true self by so doing. Experts have recommended steps you may take to make the journey to self-rediscovery easier.

A first recommendation is to ask your self-questions on how you are feeling in every significant moment, identify what your thoughts are about the situation, what emotion you are attaching and what action you are undertaking in response.it is said that this allows you to reconnect the actions of your mind and your body. Connecting with your true self in rediscovering yourself means you reflect on your thoughts amongst the many conflicting and confusing ones and pursue the thought you most connect with.

Where does this end really? there is no true point of reaching self-discovery, our daily interactions with our associates, clients and family continues to invoke reactions we may not know we are capable of, however by applying the fundamentals of understanding yourself you take control of your actions and reactions. With the dynamics in our experiences as people there are different approaches to reaching that state of mental and self-awareness, to some taking a break off work activities alone does the trick while some may require some level of support, there is no defined way of getting there and that is why knowing what works for you is always helpful.

Paramount in all of this is the peace that comes with finding the right balance in all aspect of your life, work and personal life have a relationship, they each have the tendency to severely impact each other hence the importance of being self-aware. When you are at a place of peace with your life and within yourself, your thoughts, actions and emotions align with what your true self wants and maybe that is where you can say you have found your way home.

By Louisa Afriyie Afrane Okese

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