Ad Dynamo by Aleph Group launches free digital academy in Ghana


Ad Dynamo by Aleph Group today announced the launch of its free Digital Ad Expert programme in Ghana. Coming fresh off the back of its recently announced opening of a first physical office in Ghana, the programme is designed to equip young Ghanaians with the skills they need to pursue the growing number of opportunities in digital marketing. 

Hosted on the Aleph Group’s proprietary learning platform, Digital Ad Expert is a free 12-week peer-to-peer learning and certification programme that aims to educate, certify, and connect thousands of Africans with the digital skills needed to succeed in a rapidly digitising economy, allowing them to compete at a global level for jobs in this growing industry.

“With more than 53% of Ghana’s population online and internet access growing more than six percent between 2020 and 2021, we want to ensure that young people have the best possible chance of benefiting from the opportunities presented by that growth and expansion.”says Ad Dynamo CEO Sean Riley

Aleph has set a goal of using Digital Ad Expert to educate 50,000 digital learners worldwide with digital marketing skills, and Ghana is a big part of this ambition. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply, the only requirement is access to a laptop and internet connection. The course is 100% free.

In the 12-week program, the students will learn the basics of digital marketing, developing marketing strategies, basic digital analytics, content creation and more. They will also dive deeper into how to advertise on some of the largest digital platforms, such as Meta, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Spotify. Finally, they’ll learn about job opportunities, the labour market and how to continue developing their skills.

At the end of the degree, profiles of certified students will be shared with Aleph’s network of advertisers and industry partners. This way, they will have the possibility to be connected with agencies, companies, and other talent seekers in the 90 countries where Aleph has a local presence, providing job mobility and limitless growth potential.

“We have no doubt that Ghanaian youth have immense digital potential,” Riley concludes. “We’re proud to play a role in ensuring that they’re given the necessary help to unlock that potential.” 

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