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Let’s give the giant of Africa a chance to rise


The Chief Executive Officer of Africa Economic Summit Group and leading strategy consultant, Dr Brian Reuben, has called on politicians seeking to succeed President Muhamadu Buhari to put the interest of the over 200 million citizens above their ambition.

“For many years the ‘giant of Africa’ has been a slumbering giant, the 2023 general elections is our chance to get this precious country back on track,” he said.

Nigeria is currently facing pressing economic and security issues. Thousands has been killed by Terrorists/Bandits, several kidnapped as the security situation worsens.

“Many Nigerians are struggling to eat, unemployment rate is at about 35%, inflation rate is at 18%, public universities have been shut for months. These are real issues. Less measurable but not less profound is the sapping of confidence by the people in their government. That Nigeria is passing through difficult times is now well understood.

“This therefore is not a time to misplace priorities. Those asking for the votes must be mindful that their actions will eventually be judged by history. Nigeria is at its all-time low, this is not a time to run for office just to fulfil personal ambition. Leading the most populous black nation at this time requires someone who is not just intellectually sound but physically strong as well.

It is wrong to play politics with the future of a country as important as Nigeria, it is unconscionable to sit on a TV camera and tell lies and defend lies just for the sake of getting into elective office or retaining power. These politicians should look at Nigeria and Nigerians with some kindness and know that Nigeria cannot survive one more month of incompetence,” Dr Reuben said.

On the current state of the country, Dr Reuben said the government must rise to the challenge and provide leadership that works. Citing a recent Economist report which states that Nigeria’s mega city, Lagos is the second worst city to live in, the AESG boss attributed it to leadership incompetence at all levels insisting that unless Nigerians elect a responsible leadership, a war-torn country might be better than Nigeria in just a few years.

Politics at this time should not be about merely seizing power and maintaining political patronage. It should not be time to fulfil a lifelong ambition, it is a time to save Nigeria. It is not too late to drop selfish ambition for the sake of Nigeria and Nigerians knowing that eventually history will judge everyone.

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