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FBNBank delivers on promise to focus on youth


FBNBank is delivering on its promise of focusing on the youth this year by organising a Students Fair in collaboration with the University of Ghana on the Legon campus to deliver career guidance, entrepreneurship, mentorship, financial inclusion and placement opportunities to the students and youth generally.

The FBNBank and University of Ghana Students Fair was aimed at building a better future for the youth of Ghana who form the largest demographic group in the country. The event, which run from the morning till late afternoon was structured on an edutainment platform and was in two segments. The first part was the information session held in the Cedi Conference Centre which featured speeches, a presentation by two young entrepreneurs and a question-and-answer session. The second part was a fair setting on the lawn of the Cedi Conference Centre with booths which covered the various career paths in the Bank and offered opportunities for personal engagement and mentoring in addition to exhibitions by selected youth entrepreneurs with games as side attractions.

The event, which was attended by over a thousand students was opened by Rev. Dr. Mrs. Bridget Ben-Naimah, Director, University of Ghana Careers and Counselling Centre. Delivering her address, she said “the University of Ghana Careers and Counselling Centre exists to assist the students in formulating and achieving positive, personal, educational and career goals. This includes equipping them with general employability skills to help them transition from the university into entry level positions. It also includes helping students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative flair that deepens their breadth of knowledge and propels them into entrepreneurial endeavours if they so wish. Ultimately, our vision is to ensure a high-quality professional delivery of all services to students, the university community and the general public through our five strategic goals.”

The Students Fair, which was organised under the theme, “Youth First; Explore the Possibilities” aimed to link students to industry in direct response to one of the strategic goals of the University’s Careers and Counselling Centre.

Welcoming the students to the event, Head, Human Capital Management and Development Administration at FBNBank Ghana, Mrs. Eldora Tetteh said, “as you may all be aware, it is a very competitive world out there. Relatively fewer jobs for very many graduates and for those who have the intention and temperament to create their own jobs, there are endless opportunities but limited resources. Whichever way you look at it, you need to strengthen your capacity and mentality in order to be competitive. The question is, what is your agenda or vision for your future? If you know this already then great; you will find today very useful. However, if you do not know, then today is the day to make up your mind and start charting your course. The FBNBank and University of Ghana Students Fair is our interactive platform to engage students and assist them to acquire the relevant information to be able to chart a course for their future. It is great to see all of you here and we promise you that it is truly, Youth First, so explore the possibilities.”

At the beginning of this year, FBNBank declared that the Bank’s focus will be on the youth with the aim of supporting the development of Ghana’s largest demographic group with a view to securing the future of the country.

Addressing the students, Mr. Victor Yaw Asante, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of FBNBank said “ FBNBank declared 2022 as the year of the youth. This is because we appreciate the contribution a focused and well-prepared youth cohort can make for a country within a generation. We are not only appreciative of the situation but also very well placed to support the youth in their preparation for the future. This event gives credence to our commitment. For us, the youth of Ghana have the capabilities to compete with their peers across the globe and it must be a national imperative to make this possible in all spheres. The deciding factor is however, how you, young persons, take advantage of the opportunities available regardless of the situation you find yourselves in. This is the essence of what we are doing. FBNBank has a committed focus on you, the youth, with our Xplore Students Account, as well as with our Graduate Entry Programme and Talent Management Programme. Even so, you must be willing to think and act outside what has become the norm in order to increase your chances of success.”

FBNBank is set to continue the roll-out of their youth engagement activities to other parts of the country and also to different youth groups considering the varying segments it holds.

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