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Vlisco boss shares career story with Soronko Academy Alumni


Soronko Academy has hosted Madam Doro Fatoumata, the Managing Director of Vlisco Ghana Group, at the academy’s office.

The networking and mentoring session with madam Doro was open to Soronko Alumni and the general public who were eager to learn from her story on what it takes to lead a global business.

Madam Fatoumata was welcomed to the Academy by the CEO, Mrs Regina Honu, who then took her on a tour of the Academy.

She visited the kids’ coding classes briefly and was impressed by the projects they were working on. With Soronko Alumni and other guests seated, the session began with madam Fatoumata introducing herself.

She spoke of her humble beginnings in Niger with her family and her love for mathematics as a young lady.

She openly shared personal and family experiences that shaped her childhood including her father’s determination and hard work, and her parents’ unfortunate divorce.

One of such inspiring stories was about her failing the A levels on her first attempt and then being adjudged the overall best candidate in Senegal on her second attempt.

The difference, she said, was the intentionality and focus she put into her studies the second time.

She moved to France to study Mathematics and Statistics and transferred back to a university in Senegal for her last two years. She currently has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics.

“Our guest of honour shared her work experience with us, from her first job as a Private Mathematics Home Tutor to becoming the Managing Director of the leading textile manufacturer and distributor in Ghana, Vlisco.”

She has indeed climbed up the ladder of success in her career, gaining experience from her work in Dubai, Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana. She encouraged the audience to work hard and give off their best, even in the most unfavourable circumstances.

Again, she was open about her failures, successes, and the opposition she faced when she was appointed to head Vlisco. Her stance in those trying moments was to forgive because she believed in the value of teamwork and collaboration.

Having put together her life plan at age 25, Madam Fatoumata encouraged the ladies to write down their life plans and be intentional with their career choices. She was also open about marriage and family life as part of her life plan.

To wrap up the session, the audience was allowed to ask Madam Fatoumata some questions. We are grateful to Madam Fatoumata Doro for honouring our invitation despite her busy schedule, and for the nuggets of wisdom, she shared with us.

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