UKGCC Executive Director pays working visit to G&J Technical Services


The Executive Director of UK Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Adjoba Kyiamah, has paid a working visit to the offices of the chamber’s Platinum member company, G&J Technical Services Limited as part of their membership engagement strategy.

G&J is involved in the sale, installation and most importantly the maintenance of Diesel Engine Driven Generating sets and represents the UK company, AJ Power in Ghana.

Over the past 28 years, G&J has built a strong reputation for supplying world-class diesel generating sets and providing its customers with first class after-sales support.

Adjoba said the visit gave her an opportunity to touch base with G&J, learn about any new developments in their business, share in their recent achievements, and discuss how UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce can continue to support them to thrive by connecting them to their extensive business network.

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