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All set for Umuahia Business Workshop for September 3


All is set for one of its kind Umuahia Business Workshop to hold on the 3rd of September, 2022 at Oncordia Hotel, Mission Hill, Umuahia, Abia State.

The Workshop is designed to help business people in the city and environs gain insight, tools and strategies for setting up, building and leading a thriving business.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr Brian Reuben.

According to Godswill O. Erondu the host of this workshop, “I was really dumbfounded when Dr Brian told me not to bother paying for his flight ticket, that he will take care of it. Like that was not enough, he also told me that he was going to give every participant a gift from his library worth $10,000; some of the resources he has used to coach senior executives around the world.”

“Being excited and curious I asked, why are you doing all of these? Dr Reuben’s response was,” Godswill said, “People are suffering at this time, and I truly want to help. The economy has become so harsh on the businesses of our people and I want to use everything I have to support them.”

“I melted as he spoke those words to me” said Mr Godswill Erondu.

The question now is, what will be anyone’s reason for not taking advantage of this opportunity to learn the tools and strategies that Dr Brian has used to help senior business executives and even in his own businesses which spread across Europe, Africa, Asia etc?

The money? It’s important to note that this workshop is coming at a giveaway for #5000. Dr. Reuben’s charge to speak or facilitate any Workshop is $1000 per hour. He’s Strategy Masterclass at Lagos goes for $2000 per person. In Dubai and UK, it’s worth more than that. Check out his websites and

My drive in setting up this workshop is to help business people in Umuahia and this resonates with Dr Brian” said Godswill.

Participants stand a chance of learning:

What drives business growth

How to finance your business with ease

Strategic approach to doing business

Using strategic alliance to drive business growth

Framing a compelling proposition for your business

Developing competitive advantage

Driving growth through people

If you are around Umuahia and its environs and you are saying, “I’m occupied this time, I will attend another time.” Well, it’s important you note that Dr Brian does not live in Umuahia, he is based in the UK, he happens to be in Nigeria at this time and is willing to give out. Moreover, he is not always available and the resources he’s willing to make available in this very workshop may not be offered at another time.

All business people in Umuahia and environs are encouraged to take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn what will help them Set, build, expand and scale their businesses.

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