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A Time with the Masoperh’s: A love conversation for couples under 40


The maiden edition of The Love Conversation, which is designed to help couples find their way back to a marriage that feels like the safest place on earth helping them grow together through every age and stage of life, comes off on Sunday at the Masuperh’s Residence, Dawenya.

Marriage is a journey, but like any journey, it’s easy to lose your way.

Marriage isn’t always easy, whether you are newly navigating life as a pair or have decades of experience together as a duo, a time will come when you may need a little help to revive your relationship.

Your marriage is OK, but it can be better. Something is missing, the romance is gone? You and your spouse have become roommates? How do we bring back the butterflies? How do we bring back the spark?

According to the organisers of the event, if one is seeking therapy or simply looking to reconnect by getting unplugged then The Love Conversation may have the answers they are looking for.

“No matter what struggles you and your spouse are faced with or how deep your pain goes God heals broken hearts and can restore what seems lost. Are you open to God working a miracle in your marriage?”

 The Love Conversation is a platform to share and learn.

There will be a balance of fun and laughter and deep conversations. This getaway provides a nice variety of group activities and time to be alone with your spouse with featured facilitator-led discussions with outlined topics, dedicated to reconnecting the two of you on a deeper level, encouraging each other to build strong and happy Christian marriages. It is a time to be intentional about Love.

Topics to be discussed at the event include: Loving each other through change and growth (Growing closer through each season) as well as Learning to accept and celebrate differences

Resource Persons:

Mr & Mrs Masoperh have come to thoroughly understand the importance of God’s blueprints for marriage and are living it out in their daily lives.

They are a dynamic, fun-filled family who are committed to encourage and equip you and your spouse to build a godly home.

Their presentations are biblically centered and professionally sound.

 The Masoperh’s   deeply love interacting with couples and share a passion for cultivating healthy marriages and families.

Patrick and Abla live in Tema, Dowhenya and they have been friends for 30years and married for 25years with 4 children:

Patrick is the CEO of HortServe Landscapes Consult and the founder of the song writer’s pen. He is a landscape architect, Florist, music director, Worship leader, recording Artist, song writer and a lover of God

Abla is a lawyer and counsellor who finds joy in teaching, leading and mentoring women. She’s passionate about marriage, parenting, and family.

It is couples under 40’s hope that you will enjoy and gain great insight from their unique perspectives on how putting God’s plan into action will change your marriage for the better.

To participate kindly call +233241914262/+233209558239.

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