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FBNBank sponsors youth football scouting tournament


FBNBank has announced that the Bank will be co-sponsoring the Football Scouting Tournament for the youth which will take place in Accra between 30th September and 2nd October 2022 at the University of Ghana campus.

The Football Scouting Tournament is a three-day football event which will host prominent coaches, scouts, agents, ex-footballers and football stakeholders who will share their experiences in the field while identifying talent. The activities over the period will also include a football tournament for children in under-15 and under-17 categories.

According to the organisers, Africa 1 Media, they intend to use this tournament as a platform to provide talented youth with the appropriate avenue to showcase their talent and thereby transform their lives positively. This tournament is also expected to stimulate the engagement of key stakeholders in “youth sports development” and to ensure youth talent is at the forefront of the targeted audience.

For FBNBank, it is equally an opportunity to contribute to the effort of securing a better future for the youth. This particular challenge has received the full attention of the Bank since the beginning of this year from which time FBNBank has undertaken significant steps to help address the issues militating against a better future for Ghana’s youth.

These include the roll-out of the FBNBank Youth Fair at the University of Ghana which provided the students with career counselling and entrepreneurship opportunities. Recently, the Bank also signed up for the Government of Ghana’s youth targeted programme dubbed the YouStart Initiative which seeks to address in a very significant way, the issue of youth unemployment through entrepreneurship.

Under the tagline of “Securing your child’s future,” FBNBank will be targeting the youth at this football event to offer them choices in order to help them improve their financial literacy and inclusiveness. This will be on the platform of their sponsoring brand for the event, the FBNBank MeFirst Account.

This product helps teenagers embrace the culture of financial responsibility from a young age while also keeping them positively engaged and entertained. Teenagers between ages 13 and 17 can learn all about money in fun ways as they enjoy the benefits for opening this account.

According to Mr. Victor Yaw Asante, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of FBNBank, “way back in January, FBNBank declared 2022 as “The Year of the Youth.” The Bank appreciates the contribution a focused and well-prepared youth can make towards a country’s development. Our partnership, therefore, with the Football Scouting Tournament is one of the ways FBNBank is supporting the youth in their preparation for the future and this gives credence to our commitment.

FBNBank is convinced that the youth of Ghana have the capabilities to compete with their peers across the globe and it must be a national imperative for all to make this possible. We believe that in addition to other live skills, the youth of this country must be equipped with the ability to make good financial choices which is why we are looking forward to introduce them to the MeFirst Account which is also the sponsoring product for the Football Scouting Tournament. It is a right match for their needs and it would prove to be a solid pillar for their future. This is why we are saying to parents and all adults that ‘secure your child’s future’ with MeFirst.”

FBNBank Ghana has in its 26 years of operating in Ghana remained focused on putting its customers and other stakeholders first. This, it has sought to do through the value and excellence of what the Bank contributes to the relationship with its stakeholders, including the youth. The Bank is a member of the First Bank of Nigeria Limited Group which is renowned for its great customer service and general stakeholder engagement garnered over its 128 years of operation. FBNBank Ghana has 24 branches and three agencies across the country with over 500 staff. FBNBank offers universal banking services to individuals and businesses in Ghana.

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