Vodafone collaborates with Telecom Chamber to educate Ghanaians on mobile money fraud

Vodafone Ghana, in partnership with the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, has educated Ghanaians about Mobile Money security and how to avoid being defrauded.

Representatives from Vodafone Ghana, other telcos, and the Telecoms Chamber engaged market men and women, drivers, passengers, and residents on how to protect themselves from mobile money scammers at the Tema Community 1 Main Station.

The Vodafone team also took advantage of the occasion to highlight Vodafone Cash’s unparalleled benefits for individuals and businesses, including the zero-fee for money transfers and the newly-introduced Vodafone Cash Overdraft, which allows customers to borrow money to complete specific transactions without experiencing a decline because of insufficient funds.

Samuel Gyimah, the Executive Head of Sales for Accra East at Vodafone Ghana, said about the activities held during the market storm that it was great to see Vodafone Ghana making a difference in the community.

“Vodafone Ghana has successfully positioned itself as an innovative digital leader in the telecommunications industry. Our digital impact on society will, however, fall short if we do not educate people on the need for cybersecurity even as they benefit from our digital products and services. Therefore, we embarked on this initiative to educate people on mobile money fraud and how to avoid it,” he said.

He added that the engagement also provided an opportunity to highlight Vodafone Ghana’s enhanced financial products and services, namely Vodafone Cash and Vodafone Cash Overdraft, which continually improve financial inclusion. “I am very confident that the education, products, and services from Vodafone Ghana will ensure that we go further together in the digital world,” he said.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Dr Kenneth Ashigbey, revealed that the exercise was part of activities to mark the Chamber’s 10th anniversary.

He explained that the best way to show their appreciation for customers’ support was to return to the communities and make an impact.

“The Ghana Chamber of Communications is celebrating its 10th anniversary. We marked that in November 2021, so we are still celebrating an annual 10th anniversary. We believe we need to come back to the subscribers and customers of our members to bring the service close to them, interact with them, educate them, and create awareness. We also brought some regulators, such as the Radiation Protection Institute, to demystify some challenges people have with masts and more. This activity also allows the community to get answers to their questions, register their SIM cards, and interact with the brands they subscribe to.”

The market storm also served as a medium for the Vodafone team to highlight the telco’s commitment to the SIM registration process, educate the crowd on its importance, and conduct SIM re-registrations.

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