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ATM operation is brand awareness tool, says Felix Ugbebor


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of UBA Ghana, Felix Ugbebor has stated that ATM operation forms a critical part of branding for any Bank.

The UBA COO was speaking at a conference where banking experts convened at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel to participate in this year’s ATM Innovation Roadshow organized by INLAKS, an Information Technology Solutions provider.

Under the theme, “Self Service Innovation Summit: The changing landscape of ATMs and Mobile Technology.” UBA Ghana’s Chief Operating Officer, Felix Ugbebor joined other banking industry leaders to speak at the roadshow.

Presenting on the topic “The Role of ATM Operations in Brand Transformation, Mr Ugbebor outlined three key points, saying “An ATM should be seen as a brand ambassador for financial institutions. Gone are the days where ATMs were simply seen as ‘cash-and-dash’ machines. These days they stand out, giving visibility to a bank’s brand even in locations where the bank is not physically present.”

He added, “For financial institutions to remain competitive, it is essential to have an updated set of ATMs which are equipped with the latest technology and functionality. At UBA, we recognize the importance of technology to enhance banking convenience and that’s why we have invested in our ATMs operations to meet industry standards and speak to our brand.”

Mr Ugbebor concluded, “Your ATM is your brand, offering more than advanced functionality and convenience to customers. ATM provides an array of services at the customer’s convenience, creating unique opportunities for brand visibility, customer loyalty and increased revenue.”

The other topics presented on the day included Next Generation and Global Trend, Digital Wave, addressing current industry challenges with cash management, which other banking experts led.

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