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Yango rewards driver who saved a rider’s life


A ride-hailing service provider, Yango Ghana has rewarded a driver on the app, Enoch Osae, who helped to save the life of a woman that had mistakenly swallowed a bone.

Mr Osae, who had been on the app for barely a year was given a brand-new phone and some dresses and other souvenirs as a way of thanking him for exhibiting the safety and humane side of Yango’s operations.

Yango said “The gesture was a way of showing appreciation to Enoch for his behavior and his morals which are aligned to the focus and values of the ride hailing brand”.

Enoch Osae picked up a woman rider who had a medical emergency and drove her to eight different hospitals until she was finally treated through surgery and discharged.

According to Yango, the brand remains attentive to customer care and to drivers’ experiences, hence the need to celebrate the benevolence and health of the driver and rider respectively.

“Yango is more than a riding app; it’s about human connection, one ride at a time,” the company added.

“I am very grateful for Yango, for their passion and their attention, and I’m just as happy to be part of this unique family, a family that cares for each member,” Osae said in his brief remarks.

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