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Managing waste is highly prudent to climate resilience- STRANEKAfrica


Climate Change has brought disruption in our temperature and weather conditions. Hitherto, our temperature and weather conditions were predictable but it is not so.

Human activities are a contributing factor which have caused more harm than good regarding climate change. Burning of oil, coal, gas and poor management of waste have been some of the causes of our climate change.

Managing waste is a key factor so far as sanitation is concerned. In fact, it is of critical importance to public health, human dignity, climate resilience and environmental preservation.

Indeed, cleanliness being next to Godliness is tied to making sure that there is effective waste management. Of course, it cannot be denied that waste is an inevitable bi-product of human life. The effective and efficient management of waste is a challenge in Ghana especially in the cities. To be blunt, the way waste is managed is a chief factor which affects climate change.

The rising population growth in the cities have brought about large quantities of waste and the authorities in charge of waste management are overwhelmed in managing the waste in a sanitary manner.

Residents in the cities have an attitude of not disposing off waste in an appropriate manner by littering indiscriminately including burning of rubbish, dumping rubbish into gutters among others. Clearly, the use of tricycles popularly known as “aboboyaa”, wheelbarrows, power tillers, three-wheeled tractors, headloads et cetera are overly depended on to transport waste and most of these simple equipment owners dispose of the waste through landfill, open dumping, burning and burying.

The treatment and disposal of waste can produce emissions of several greenhouse gases which contributes to global climate change as we are currently experiencing. Indeed, the climate impact of waste are becoming difficult to ignore due to its contribution towards the human-driven methane emissions (which is part of the greenhouse gas emissions apart from carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide).

Landfill opens room for high levels of methane gas and carbon dioxide through the waste decomposition.

STRANEK-Africa has deliberated on this situation and wants to advocate on how city waste can be handled. Recycling waste should be done more than resorting to the landfill method. It goes a long way to reduce emissions as well as greenhouse gases.

Albeit the fact that Government is doing something about recycling, it should be encouraged so that everyone can get involved. Also, there must be strict compliance with existing environmental legislations and byelaws in the conveyance, handling and disposal of waste.

No one should be left off the hook when one is found engaging in illegal disposal of waste. Government should find ways to stop people from shipping waste products into the country.

Companies like Zoomlion Waste Management Experts, Jekora Ventures Limited, Waste Landfills Company Limited, Dispose Green, BD Waste et cetera are actually some of the big waste management companies in Ghana hence it is important for them to up their game to improve on city waste management.

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