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Wisdom for Business Conference slated for March 24 – 25

Over the years, Wisdom for Business Conference has seen business people converge both in person and virtually to glean wisdom that will help them become even more effective in their businesses. 

The 2021 edition which held online had speakers such as Dr Brian Reuben, Founder, Brian Reuben Organization (UK); Dr Benjamin Dike, Founder, Joshua Leadership Project (Nigeria); Tunde Success, Founder, Eudoracity Business School (Nigeria); Benjamin Kofi Quansah (Ghana) etc impacted thousands of business people around Africa. 

According to Godswill O. Erondu, the pioneer of the Conference, in response to the importance of this special edition said, “So far, in 2023, about 98,100 employees have been laid off by tech firms including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM etc. This is a result of the economic downturn that has hit hard on these firms.

“World Bank’s research revealed that, ‘COVID-19 forced businesses in Ghana to reduce wages for over 770,000 workers, and caused about 42,000 layoffs.’

“As of January 10, 2023 in Ghana Over 3000 construction sector workers were laid off due to IMF deal. The list continues in Nigeria and other countries. 

“With the uncertainties in our world today” he continued, “created by event such as war in Ukraine, changes in government and government policies, innovations in AI, climate issues and many more. Many countries will experience shortage in supply of certain resources they require to forge ahead, more companies will downsize, many countries are already in recession, it is important to understand that the challenges in our day presents with them enormous opportunities that anyone could take advantage of. 

“That said,” he continued, “there can never be any better time for anyone to set up his/her business than now. You don’t have to wait to be laid off or suffer some kind of mishap before you do that. However, to do that you must realize that the skill set required to be effective as an employee is different from that required to run your own business. There is a need to learn and equip yourself with the necessary skills.”

Wisdom For Business Conference presents a chance for people to glean wisdom that empowers them to effectively use business as a tool for changing the world. 

This edition that will hold in March 24th – 25th, 2023 and virtually is focused on employees who want to transition to setting-up or building businesses/companies.

The different session will cover topics ranging from crafting a competitive advantage to raising funds for your business, innovative and sustainable enterprise, strategic alliance and much more.

With speakers such Dr Brian Reuben, UK; Fong Chua, Canada; Spencer Korankye, Lead Consultant, Mpact Lane Consult, Ghana; Tunde Success, Founder, Eudoracity Business School, Nigeria; Frida Owinga, Founder, PassionProfit, Kenya etc participants will receive ideas that will inspired, equipped and empowered them to set-up and build businesses that will make a difference in our world.

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