EcoFlow Power stations expected to set new benchmark in home backup energy


By Eugene Davis

Eco International, the Ghanaian partner of EcoFlow have introduced to the local market, the Ecoflow portable power station, which is a newest innovation that is expected to revolutise the way people consume and use power stations.

The Ecoflow is a portable power station – it offers reliable, quiet, and clean power as an alternative to traditional, outdated sources. Since 2017, EcoFlow has provided portable power stations, home backup power, and eco-friendly off-grid solutions in over 100 markets including the US, Japan, China, Australia, and Europe to reinvent the way the world accesses energy.

“Complexities that come with installing solar motivated us to introduce EcoFlow”, Samuel Ayim Mawuli, Head of Business Development, Eco International told journalists at the EcoFlow launch at Megamax showroom in Accra on Thursday.

According to him, the device “is an integrated solution which is plug and play, very easy to use. We also saw it as a very fantastic solution to introduce to our clients simply because the issue with solar sometimes is that when the sun is really down you are unable to generate enough electricity and a lot of people have issues with acquiring a bigger battery bank so on the back of that we saw this as a great solution to be able to fill that gap.”

20percent sales target

The company has set 20percent penetration target to ensure that EcoFlow becomes a household brand in the country, and have earmarked residential facilities, offices, schools, hospitals, average Ghanaian because they reckon power is an indispensable part of people’s lives and is needed power to be able to thrive and be productive.

“Because of the startup cost, we have partnered some banks to be able to give our potential customers the ability to pay overtime -that is one innovative solution that we have introduced to help people acquire this technology.

For the first year, we are looking at about 20percent because it is a new technology, we still educating people to really come to a full appreciation of what we have brought to the market, subsequently we hope to have exponential growth to be able to reach our strategic goal”he added.

EcoFlow was founded with a mission to empower people and communities through portable, clean, reliable power for lasting impact and by dethroning the traditional gas generators through innovation.

Over the past few years, EcoFlow has taken a leading position in the European market, where consumers have shown exceptional enthusiasm towards eco-friendly energy products and renewable energy solutions. In 2022, the European market became EcoFlow’s second biggest market behind the USA. During Prime Day 2022, EcoFlow was the number one seller in Europe in the eco-friendly energy solution category.

Now, the company is excited to penetrate the African and Ghanaian market especially with high expectations for its newest product.

EcoFlow has combined cutting-edge research and development with extensive distribution and sales network to redefine the battery industry with user-focused portable power stations.

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