Ministry of Finance says no decision yet on road tolls


The Ministry of Finance has called for circumspection on public discussion on its proposal for a more than 88 per cent increase in road tolls.

The ministry said the amounts quoted in its leaked letter to the Ministry of Roads and Highways “are only proposals to be subjected to consultations and approvals at appropriate levels.”

It said in a release yesterday that similar consultations would be held with other stakeholders before a concrete decision would be arrived at.

The ministry explained that the letter only sought to convey proposed rates for the tolling of roads and highways to Ministry of Roads and Highway.

It stressed that the reintroduction of road toll was a fiscal policy measure captured in the 2023 Budget Statement and Economic Policy to support revenue generation

It, therefore, called on the media to be circumspect in discussing the issue.

The Ministry of Finance, in a leaked letter, earlier this week proposed that road tolls be raised by an average of 88 per cent as part of efforts towards ensuring a return of the levies that were abolished in November 2022.

As part of the proposal, the ministry want motorbikes to be levied 50pesewas compared to an earlier amount of 10pesewas.

It also wants tolls of salon cars to rise from 50pesewas to GH¢1 while that of Pick-ups and 4X4 vehicles will increase to GH¢1 to GH¢1.50.

Heavy buses are also to be levied GH¢2, up from the previous figure of GH¢1.50, while heavy duty trucks with five or more axles will be asked to pay GH¢3 compared to an earlier fee of GH¢2.

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