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Jael, a trailblazer in hospitality industry


One of the industries that’s thriving post-covid is the hospitality, travel and tourism industry and there are very few personalities that are making a remarkable impact in this booming sector.

Jael, a Certified Hotel General Manager CHGM and an award-winning female hospitality professional, and is regarded as a trailblazer in Africa’s fast-growing tourism & hospitality industry.

She is the Director of Administration at African Association of Women in Tourism & Hospitality (AAWTH) and the General Manager of RB PARK- HILL HOTEL Ghana.

With over 10 years of active operational experience in the tourism and hotel industry, Jael is also the country chair for G100, a group of significant women leaders from around the world with powerful advocacy and awareness across governments and worldwide organizations for a gender equal future. 

Having worked with a number of travel agencies in the UK after she successfully completed her internship with JW Marriott in Central London, she came to Ghana to work with Marriott Hotel Accra.

Jael is the founder and CEO of The Haven Honeymoon Concierge (Travel Company) and also the Teens Tourism & Hospitality Club.

She has numerous achievements which include Top Ten Hospitality Influencer Africa by Hospitality Awards Africa 2022; 100 Most Powerful Hospitality Female in Africa by International Hospitality Institute 2022; Most Outstanding Female in Hospitality by Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards 2022; Most Admired Female Hospitality Professional by Hospitality Awards Africa 2021; and Travel & Tourism Excellence Award by the College of Enfield, Haringey and North East London.

Amidst all the success, Jael has had a few challenging moments which she says include long, erratic hours, frequently including evening or overnight work, which are also a common feature of hospitality management work.

She said: “promotions frequently entail moving as well as assuming new, time-consuming tasks. It is challenging to combine personal and professional life.” 

She says her first goal in line of her business is to create branches of her travel company across the regions in Ghana and also to become the major honeymoon travel company.

I would love to serve as a role model to young women within the hospitality industry by providing coaching sessions and assisting them with their career paths, she added.

In few years to come, Jael discloses she envisions to own various boutique hotels across the country.

She stated that the strongest known economic factor in Ghana right now is entrepreneurship and in order to steer the next generation in the correct way with regards to entrepreneurship, she stressed that “we need more positive role models who can advocate for more wholesome principles. 

“To achieve the objective of having entrepreneurs emerge and have an impact on the next generation, our government should aggressively support young people to develop their ideas and create businesses within our nation.” 

Jael shares a few words of wisdom to the youth and the younger generations, everyone has heard the adage, “In every caterpillar, there is a butterfly ready to stretch its wings, flourish, and soar to greatness.”

She concludes that every young person has greatness inside them that’s just waiting to be released, similar to butterfly. By guiding a young person in creating goals and inspiring them, mentors can act as a source of support and direction in helping to achieve greatness. Find a Mentor. A responsible adult who knows what is best for your well-being

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