APN, SUCASA organize AfCFTA made-in-Africa grand sales conference


Together with an emerging Ghanaian real estate company, SUCASA, the Secretariat of the Accra-based AfCFTA Policy Network will hold the maiden edition of the AfCFTA Grand Sales conference from 30-31 May, 2023. 

The objective of the two-day conference is largely to promote “Made in Africa” goods and services. It has a two-fold objective of seeking to promote English and French-speaking member States party to the AfCfta agreement, and encourage reporting from the private sector about the state of AfCFTA Trading. 

Given Ghana’s hosting of the AfCFTA Secretariat, both SUCASA and APN have undertaken to use the conference to assess the extent to which Ghanaian companies –both SMEs and otherwise – are buying into the idea of a Continental market under AfCFTA. Difficulties around understanding AfCFTA prevail, and so APN will continue to use opportunities like this conference to educate the public about AfCFTA, the agreement; and the manifold opportunities that exist to take advantage of scaling up businesses.

Difficulties with the economy notwithstanding, APN Secretariat believes there is no time than now to ensure all actors in the AfCFTA ecosystem come on board to appreciate how far the AfCFTA journey has come. 

The conference will be headlined by the Secretary-General of AfCFTA Secretariat, H E Wamkele Mene. Other companies expected to attend include Ghana Investment Promotion Company (GIPC); Africa Private Sector Summit (APSS); UNECA Sub-regional office for West Africa; Association of Ghana Industries (AGI); Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI); Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) and Seeds Dubai. 

Participation in the conference is free, but companies and SMEs interested in exhibiting should take advantage of the exciting promotion underway, where there is a 10% discount up until the end of the month on booths during the conference.

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