Young Investors Network launches two employability programs for graduates

The Young Investors Network a non-profit organization based in Accra Ghana on Saturday, 18th June, 2023 launched two training programs aimed at preparing young university graduates for the world of work.

The training programs known as equip for work and career employability employability readiness hub is meant to provide a platform for experience for young graduates to train and acquire the necessary exposure for the world of of work.

The event was held at JQB hall 12 at the University of Ghana, Legon and saw a cross section of students from actuarial science to political science had a riveting experience listening to the resourcepersons earmarked for the occasion.

These included; Mr. Nicholas Kwabena Amaning an HR professional and a talent acquisition expert, Kofi Busia Kyei lead of pension at UMB holding and Maxwell Dankwa with Access Bank and a beneficiary of the Young Investors Network stock pitch challenge.

The resource persons took turns educating the attendees about the world of work and how to position themselves to become employable. Mr. Nicholas Kwabena Amaning spoke about how to write CVs to catch the attention of recruiters. He further broke down the process of sieving CVs to attain an ample number that are usually invited for interviews.

According to Mr. Amaning, modern CVs or résumés must be Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant which means a CV/ résumé should be formatted as follows; it should be in a document format or converted to PDF from a document format. It should also come with keywords relevant to the role you are applying for, indicate your soft skills and hard skills and the font size should be 14 for the heading and 12 for any other content.

He further reiterated the significance of following the ATS compliant method because recruiters now use computer based systems to sort CVs/ résumés, if an individual’s CV is not ATS is compliant he/she looses out on a job they might be competent for.

He again stated the importance of networking of being a step ahead of other job seekers. In a post event interview, Mr. Amaning reemphasized the importance of such events especially for students and young graduates since the school curriculum would not teach some of the things deliberated on at the event.

The next speaker Kofi Busia Kyei who is also the executive director for the Young Investors Network stated that students should not confine themselves to their subject area alone but should explore other ventures and could also take advantage of the platform the Young Investors Network provide to build their capacity in other disciplines.

He cited an example of himself in light of the fact that he studied sociology in the university but is currently head of pensions in his organization which is typically for actuarial science students. In a post event interview Mr. Kyei said one of the duties of Young Investors Network is to shape students for the job market since some of the things they learn in school are not what the industry seeks.

The third speaker Mr. Maxwell Dankwa a beneficiary of the Young Investors Network narrated how the journey has been for him and how the organization has impacted his life especially in his career. 

After the resource persons took turns deliberating these issues the training platforms were then launched. The first one was equip for work which is a cohort meant to train students whilst they are in school and also expose them to the nuances of the job market, grant them the opportunity to do volunteering work which they can add as an experience on their CVs/résumé. The cohort accepts a hundred students at a time and once they attain that figure the training starts. 

The second program known as career employability readiness hub is a training platform for young graduates that take up projects tht has been sourced by the organization from corporate institution. The members in this cohort will work on such projects until they get a permanent job and when they leave for a permanent job, their vacancies would be filled by another person.

At the end of the event, attendees expressed delight being part of the event and were ready to volunteer and engage in the activities of the organization to help build their own experiences. Certificates for an earlier event, financial literacy month and global money week was also distributed at the event. The President of the Mr. Joshua Mensah hinted on more events that would be organized to help expose students to the world of work and investment.


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