Mahama Ayariga faces allegations of forgery by multinational Jordanian firm


In a startling revelation, Mahama Ayariga, a prominent Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, is alleged to be embroiled in a forgery scandal following allegations made by a multinational Jordanian firm, BCM International. The company claims that Mr. Ayariga utilized falsified documents in an attempt to deceive and defraud them.

Sources reveal that BCM International, a foreign company operating in Jordan and duly registered at the Companies Control Department, has accused Mr. Ayariga of fraudulently obtaining a Power of Attorney (POA) issued by a Notary Public of the United Kingdom. 

The document, dated May 15, 2023, was allegedly used to remove Madam Angela List as BCM International’s representative. According to information from our sources, the obtained documents contain a purportedly fraudulent Power of Attorney that allowed Mr. Ayariga to unlawfully appoint himself as a representative of BCM International.

According to our sources, a director and shareholder of the company, we understand, has expressed their determination to pursue legal action against Mr. Ayariga for engaging in such illegal business practices. According to Madam Angela List, a director and shareholder of BCM International, Mr. Ayariga’s actions are not only illegal but also fraudulent, as he acquired the POA through illegitimate means from one Michael Cooke. 

This is because Mr. Ayarigah used a certificate of incumbency issued by Morning Star Holdings Company Limited, which is in dispute and has a judicial judgment prohibiting its use by either parties. Before Mr Ayariga used this certificate of incumbency, Mr. Paul List and Michael Cooke had also allegedly used this certificate to appoint themselves as representatives, with Mr. Ayariga joining in these alleged fraudulent dealings.

The controversial appointment of Michael Cooke as a director, facilitated by the disputed certificate, was further exploited when Cooke organized a Power of Attorney for lawyer Dahoud Arab and subsequently arranged another Power of Attorney for Mahama Ayariga on May 15, 2023. 

Through these alleged fraudulent means, Mr. Ayariga purportedly appointed himself as the representative of BCM International, disregarding the rightful representative, MadamAngela List.

Moreover, sources say that the procedures carried out by Mr. Ayariga violate the rights and legitimate representation of Madam Angela List, Mr. Paul List, and Mr. Jonathan Adongo, who are recognized as representatives of BCM International according to the company’s last valid certificate of incumbency in Nevis.

BCM International alleges that Mr. Paul List, accompanied by his son Jeremy List and a person named Michael Cooke, resorted to aggressive force and assaulted Mr. Jonathan Adongo, the company’s secretary at the BCM office located at Labone in Accra. 

The assault reportedly resulted in the takeaway of the company’s documents, including evidence that challenges Mr. Paul List’s ownership of more than 35% of the shares in BCM International. But a document in evidence reveals that 40% of the shares were intended to be registered for the children of Mr. Paul List and Madam Angela List. The remaining sixty per cent were to be split equally between Paul List and Madam Angela List. 

Legal action has already been initiated against Mr. Paul Listand Michael Cooke on charges of forgery related to minutes of a meeting that never took place. These forged minutes purportedly facilitated the removal of Madam Angela List as the Director of the company and the appointment of Michael Cooke as director of BCM International Ltd.

It is also important to note that Michael Cooke has previously been alleged to have been charged with fraud by the Ghana Police Service, and according to Nevis regulations, individuals alleged to have been charged with fraud or who have any criminal records are prohibited from being appointed or acting as directors of any company. 

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