National Muslim Conference of Ghana Urges Non-Aligned Stance for Peace in Israeli-Hamas Conflict


By Eugene Davis

The National Muslim Conference of Ghana has appealed to the government to maintain a non-aligned stance in its approach to the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

The group emphasizes the importance of national cohesion and Ghana’s role as a leader in the Non-Aligned Movement.

They believe that Ghana has no economic, social, or political interests in the conflict and should focus on promoting global peace and harmony.

In a press statement signed by the General Secretary, Inusah Mohammed Baba, he stated “we wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity to passionately appeal to our Government to continue to stay within the boundaries of non-alignment in its approach to and comments on the Israeli-Hamas war as the Ghanaian people will have no economic, social or political gain to make in that conflict, apart from the global peace and harmony the entire humanity stand to enjoy if peace eventually prevails in Israel and Palestine.”

The statement also calls for a return to the vision and pragmatism demonstrated in the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords as a model for achieving peace in the Middle East. Additionally, the group expresses concerns about the impact of the conflict on Islamic beliefs and holy places and calls on the international community, particularly the leading members of the Security Council, to uphold international and humanitarian law and revive peace talks for a two-state solution.

They attribute the ongoing conflict to the Israeli government’s settlement policy and the international community’s failure to enforce its own laws and resolutions.

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