Yofi Grant champions the sustainability of ‘Taste of Ghana’


…as a gateway to tourism enrichment

Yofi Grant, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), has asserted that the perpetuation of the center’s premier event, ‘Taste of Ghana’, is imperative for the further enrichment of the nation’s tourism prospects.

Mr. Grant emphasizes the necessity for successive leaders of the center or governmental authorities to uphold and maintain the Taste of Ghana event, as its enduring presence has become an indispensable element in the country’s landscape.

Speaking with the media at this year’s Taste of Ghana 4.0 in Accra, he said it has to be sustained,

“It has become a landmark and people look forward to it, so we have to continue.

Today online, by the end of today we had already given out 35,000 tickets which is massive.”

Boosting tourism

It presents a huge tourism potential for the country, he adds.

“There are a lot of foreigners walking here right now, I have seen the British High Commissioner, people from the Caribbeans, the Lebanese ambassador, people from the US, they all want to come and savor what is here.

We say it is a 360 view of Ghana, the food we eat, clothes we wear, music we listen to, the way we feel, dances we have, and all that put together, this is the fourth edition.

Taste of Ghana because you tasting everything Ghanaian – we have space for grown-ups, food, cooking competition, chiefs, and queen mothers will do a little procession, fashion show, and music concert.”

New feature

As part of a novel addition to the event, there was a canopy walkway for kids and even grown-ups to explore, a photo studio for people to recollect and capture images when they come to Ghana, and organizers said they were very happy to put all this together.

With over 30 exhibitors showcasing a myriad of products, the festival provided a valuable platform for brands like WEAR Ghana Ltd, Crafted by Candy enabling them to connect with patrons and envision future expansions.

Awura Abena Agyeman, CEO at WEAR Ghana Ltd, one of the exhibitors told Business 24/Investment Times in an interview that it offered her brand the chance to be part of the prestigious event and showcase her products, which had some patrons passing by her makeshift stall to buy or enquire about their services.

She maintained that she was looking forward to a bigger event next year.

The event also witnessed performances by ace musicians, R2Bees, E.L., Adina,Sefa, Kofi Jamal, Ras Kuuku, and main act on the night, the irrepressible Shattawale.

The Taste of Ghana festival stands as a unique annual celebration of Ghanaian culture, hosted by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre every December.

This festival is designed to showcase the exclusive, authentic, and time-honored aspects of the Ghanaian lifestyle, encompassing various dimensions such as cuisine, art, locally crafted products, cinematography, fashion, and more.

The blend of these diverse elements serves to cultivate a profound appreciation for Ghana’s cultural richness while also fostering an environment conducive to exploring business opportunities within the country.

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