CIMG holds inaugural graduation ceremony for its flagship professional marketing qualifications


The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) marked a historic milestone over the weekend with its inaugural graduation ceremony held at the British Council in Accra. The ceremony recognised the achievements of graduands who successfully completed the CIMG Professional Marketing Qualifications exams at various levels.

The ceremony witnessed the graduation of 119 candidates from examination sessions conducted between December 2021 and June 2023, with the best-performing candidates receiving prizes for their outstanding performances across four levels.

In his welcome address, the National President of CIMG, Dr. Daniel Kasser Tee congratulated graduates: “This ceremony is a testament to your diligence and dedication towards learning and application of professional knowledge. We count on you to let this knowledge manifest in your work and help change the narrative in the industry by helping your organisations to build everything around the interest of the customer.”

He added that “marketing exists to create customer value for the long-term interest of businesses. And, to borrow from the Eminent Economist, Adam Smith, consumption is the sole end and purpose of every production activity, and the interest of the producer ought to be met, only so far as it may be necessary to promote the interest of the consumer.”

The National President of CIMG revealed that the CIMG Regulations 2023 (L.I. 2479) has been officially enacted by the Parliament of Ghana, to implement the regulatory framework for the marketing profession: “This feat is a boost for the marketing profession and the execution of the Institute’s functions as stipulated in the CIMG ACT 2020 (Act 1021). We, therefore, call on business leaders to champion the continuous professional development of their professional marketing personnel to enable them to remain relevant and play the effective role of promoting and protecting the interest of customers in their organisations.”

Dr. Kasser Tee also encouraged non-marketing business executives to register and participate in CIMG’s certification programmes, either the full professional marketing qualifications or the short course certification programmes that run all year round to enable them to acquire knowledge and keep up with new trends in marketing.

Representing the Minister for Education was the Director of Tertiary Education at the ministry, Prof. Francis K. E. Nunoo, who expressed the vital importance of effective, strategic, and sustainable marketing education, urging graduands to dig deeper for the development and progress of Ghana.

“Professional marketing education serves as a cornerstone for economic growth, innovation, and sustainability in any society. Particularly in a dynamic and emerging economy like Ghana, its significance cannot be overstated. By nurturing a pool of competent professional marketers, Ghana can stimulate domestic consumption, attract foreign investment, stir up economic recovery, and foster entrepreneurship, all of which are essential for economic expansion and job creation”, he intimated.

According to Prof. Nunoo, “Professional marketing education empowers skilled marketers to lead businesses to compete effectively in global markets. Through understanding global market trends, consumer preferences, and effective branding, Ghanaian firms can expand their reach beyond national borders, boosting exports and contributing to the country’s balance of trade.”

In his remarks to the graduands, Consulting Director of Education and CPD at CIMG, Mr. Adam Sulley, recounted the early days of CIMG highlighting the graduation ceremony as a milestone for the institute: “The memory of graduating professional marketing students in this British Council Hall dates to about two decades, but the difference and excitement with this one is the changeover of baton from CIM to CIMG”.

With nostalgia and enthusiasm for the future, CIMG embarked on a bold journey towards equipping our students with the necessary marketing skills and mindset for industry success. According to Mr. Sulley, “It will surely yield the desired outcome of providing industry with students who have the relevant marketing skills and mindset to ensure growth, competitiveness, and business sustainability. Our graduates can contribute to the success of organisations marketing requirements at various levels and in diverse ways”.

Mr. Sulley believes that the overwhelmingly positive feedback received through the CIMG pre-market test underscores the relevance and credibility of our programme, setting the stage for growth and impact on Ghana’s marketing industry.

“It is worth knowing that the CIMG pre-market test for PMQ by Consumer Insight Consult in December 2020 to evaluate the programme and courses indicated above 80% for likeness, relevance, and credibility across a sample of students, professionals, and industry. We will continue to collaborate with industry and all other stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement through our best practice feedback mechanism and quality assurance,” he said.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that results for the December 2023 examinations have been released with an enviable average pass rate of 76%, a 1% increase from the first four sessions. According to CIMG’s National President, “This is enough justification that local brands can, and do work when given the needed attention”.

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