The RED Ladies of Holy Child School Cape Coast go green


Three years ago, the ladies of the 1999 Year Group of the Holy Child Past Student Association (HOPSA ’99) started discussions towards the celebration of their 25th Anniversary and giving back to the school through a Legacy Project, in line with the tradition of the school’s alumni. With new Executives in place, the group set out to define what the ladies in the year group stood for and what would bind them as sisters to achieve their 25th Anniversary aims and objectives.

They coined the acronym RED as their northern star. RED being the dominant colour of the year group’s house dress print during their life changing years at Holy Child School and the embodiment of the values of Remarkability, Empowerment and Determination (RED) based on their individual and collective experiences.

And so, twenty-five years after graduating from their beloved school, the HOPSA 99 Year Group, the RED Ladies, embarked on their solar project initiated by previous alumni, as their legacy project and a way of giving back to their alma mater. The aim of this groundbreaking project is to migrate the entire Holy Child School onto solar power and make the school a net producer of energy for the national grid. This will significantly reduce the school’s energy cost as they are currently on the prepaid system. As a year group that prides itself in creating a more sustainable world for posterity, they deemed it right to align with the UN SDG Goal 7 as they collectively aim to promote clean energy and contribute significantly to the attainment of affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

In this regard, the RED Ladies have raised an astounding 1.3 million Ghana Cedis (approximately USD120,000.00) to achieve this goal. Among the many benefits of this project spearheaded by the RED Ladies include but not limited to their quest to improve climate sustainability by using green renewable energy as a source for an all-female school in Ghana, support the education of girls in a sustainable manner, address the problem of an unreliable and inadequate proficiency of power, reduce the school’s electricity bill by 90%, which will provide an opportunity for Holy Child School to invest in other pressing budgetary needs and most importantly a twenty 24 hours lightning system to support their learning needs.

The journey, which started with their climb through the calming winding driveway of Angel’s Hill in 1997, has paved the way for a successful education, lasting friendships, and a sisterhood that has spanned almost 25years. This milestone will be climaxed on 9th March 2024 when they host the 78th Speech and Prize-Giving Day and commission their Solar Legacy Project. With many of our secondary schools struggling to keep up with the rising cost in electricity bills, the RED Ladies need to be supported and commended for their trailblazing efforts.

The RED Ladies will be hosting Holy Child School’s 78th Speech and Prize Giving Day on 9th March 2024 in Cape Coast. Please support their fundraising efforts if possible.

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