FBNBank’s commitment to the youth remains unchanged

Victor Yaw Asante, FBNBank Ghana MD/CEO

FBNBank has once again reiterated its unwavering dedication to the youth at the launch of the Ubuntu Equip Programme, which was launched at the British Council last Friday.

The event marked the beginning of an initiative aimed at empowering young individuals with the tools, resources, and skills needed to succeed in today’s dynamic world.

The Ubuntu Equip Programme is one of the flagship initiatives by Soccer For Dreamers, which is a free educational initiative that seeks to transform, empower, and mould the next generation of African leaders.

The programme seeks to present all students with essential skills, fostering leadership attributes, financial literacy, time management, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility.

Delivering some remarks at the launch, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of FBNBank, Mr. Victor Yaw Asante, said, “FBNBank’s commitment to the youth still remains the same. We are keen to see focused and well-prepared youth take on what the future holds for them. Our partnership with Soccer For Dreamers to roll out the Ubuntu Online Equip Programme is one of the ways FBNBank is supporting the youth in their preparation for the future, and this gives credence to our commitment. At FBNBank, we believe talent knows no boundaries, and our continent is overflowing with ambitious and innovative young minds who are eager to make their mark on the world.”

Mr. Asante further urged the youth to seize the opportunity presented by Soccer For Dreamers to take advantage of the Ubuntu Equip Programme. He said, “Together, let us embark on this journey of discovery, learning, and empowerment and embrace the spirit of unity, collaboration,and collective progress.”

Sylvia Akwaboah, the founder of the Ubuntu Equip Programme and President of Soccer For Dreamers, also said, “The online academy helps the youth in terms of building their CVs and interview skills when going to the workplace and anywhere they find themselves. We thought it wise to bring complementary learning, personal development, and leadership training right into our schools. So we have this programme to serve students right from our primary schools into our tertiary institutions to help them. We have courses like critical thinking, leadership training, communication skills, time management, and financial literacy.”

The initiative by Soccer For Dreamers takes leadership training and personal development to all schools in Ghana, from primary to tertiary. Aside from the launch of the initiative on Friday, there was also a training workshop for teachers from more than 20 schools to coach their students.

About FBNBank
FBNBank has, in its 28 years of operating in Ghana, remained focused on putting its customers and communities first. FBNBank Ghana is a member of the First Bank of Nigeria Limited Group, which is renowned for its great customer service and general stakeholder engagement garnered in its 130 years of operation. FBNBank Ghana has 24 branches, four service points, and a network of alost 2,000 agents across the country, with over 700 staff. FBNBank offers universal banking services to individuals and businesses in Ghana.

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