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Oyster Agribusiness celebrates farmers at vibrant awards ceremony in Kintampo


Oyster Agribusiness, a leading agricultural technology (Agritech) company, has hosted a vibrant celebration, recognizing the dedication and contributions of smallholder farmers in the Kintampo Municipality in the Bono East Region.

The event, which included the company’s annual Smallholder Farmer Award Scheme, underscored the vital role of agriculture in Ghana’s economy and the importance of empowering smallholder farmers.

Oyster Agribusiness CEO, Edmond Kombat, in a speech delivered on his behalf by the Operations Manager, Daniel Kuupol praised the farmers for their hard work and commitment.

“I am profoundly honoured to witness the fruits of our collective labour. In 2018, when we set out on this journey, our vision was clear: to uplift the lives of our farmers and communities, to bring sustainable agriculture practices to the forefront, and to foster a future where every smallholder farmer thrives. Today, as we gather here, we see the impact of that vision manifesting in the lives of over 3,000 farmers,” he said.

The Director for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) in Kintampo North MOFA Director, Simon Yambor, as well as his colleague in the South, Afia Asukua, both commended Oyster Agribusiness for complementing the government’s efforts in recognizing and supporting farmers. “These awards will not only motivate you to continue putting food on our tables, but also serve as a beacon for continued excellence and innovation in agriculture,” the latter said.

Additionally, Municipal Chief Executive Isaac Baffoe Ameyaw emphasised the importance of public-private partnerships in driving growth in the agricultural sector.

The highlight of the event was the recognition of outstanding farmers. Nana Asaw Kabator Dramani, the overall best farmer with the highest yield per acre, received a MotorKing, symbolizing the rewards of dedication and hard work. Other farmers received awards like motorbikes, seed planters, and essential farming equipment.

Oyster Agribusiness Board Chair, Dr. James Kombiok, concluded the event by stating, “Today marks a milestone in our journey to transform agriculture in Ghana. By empowering our smallholder farmers, we are building a brighter future for our communities and our nation.”

Farmers awards List

  1. Dunabood Birikoe (Asuogya)
  2. Yakubu Kombat (Kobeda)
  3. John The Baptist Sankari (Dabaah)
  4. Emmanuel Wajule (Miawani)
  5. Daniel Batuuro (Kunsu)
  6. Chan Kangben (Yawpare)
  7. Desuriku Winnibon Peter (Aboagye)
  8. Isaac Baffoe(Anokyekrom)
  9. Barnabas Gyaakom (Ebenezerkrom)
  10. Adu James (Agyegyemankunu)
    Second highest quantity per acre
  11. Duut Zakari
    Woman with the highest quantity per acre
  12. Laar Laari
    Overall highest quantity per acre
  13. Gumna Iddrisu
    Overall highest quantity per acre
    Nana Asaw Kabator Dramani
    About Oyster Agribusiness
    Oyster Agribusiness is a leading Agri-tech company dedicated to transforming agriculture in Ghana. They empower smallholder farmers through innovative solutions, training, and support, fostering sustainable agricultural practices and driving economic growth for rural communities.

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