Newmont commissions 4th Lactating Mothers’ Facility for workforce


Working mothers encounter numerous challenges that extend beyond the workplace. While efforts have been made to advance inclusion across all sectors, these challenges are historically more pronounced for new mothers.

One of such hurdles is providing adequate baby feed upon their return to work. Difficulties
around lactation can impact a new mother’s efforts at navigating between the demands of the
workplace and the essential needs of nursing infants. New mother and Ore Control Geologist at
Newmont’s Akyem Mine, Getrude Eshun shares her thoughts on the issue.

“I had my baby some months ago. I must confess I was not prepared for the changes that I faced.
Even after I resumed work, the struggle in balancing both worlds was overwhelming.

Expressing milk consistently and juggling my odd work hours has not been an easy task.” It is in response to these specific challenges that Newmont has inaugurated a Lactating Mothers’
Facility for employees and business partners at its Akyem Mine in Ghana. This brings to three (3)
Lactation Suites at Newmont’s operations in Ghana – one at Ahafo South and two at the Akyem

The initiative, led by the Women and Allies Business Resource Group in Akyem with the support of the General Manager, is designed to provide additional convenience to lactating mothers on the site. The facility contains a well-ventilated sitting area, a fridge for cooling and storage, as well as baby care items.

Speaking on the initiative, General Manager of Newmont’s Akyem Mine, Charles Bissue
highlighted the need to build on the gains the company has chalked with respect to inclusion.
“This unveiling is a deliberate step towards creating an inclusive environment that acknowledges and directly addresses the unique challenges faced by new mothers in the mining sector. We are committed to providing our workforce with the essential support to thrive both personally and professionally,” he stated.

Like Getrude, many mothers in the mining industry recount the challenges they have to deal
with in taking care of their newborns, hence their excitement with the unveiling of the second
lactating facility on the site at Akyem Mine.

“This edifice tells me the business cares for new mothers and is ready to support me as a mother
and as an employee. Today, I can go about my duties at work with ease and peace of mind
knowing that this suite is available at all times when I have to attend to mummy duties.”

Newmont’s Inclusion and Diversity commitment seeks to build an inclusive work environment
where employees and contractors are supported to excel. Through its Women and Allies
Business Resource Group, it continues to chalk key successes for women in the workplace and
across the industry including addressing symbols of exclusion like terminologies and signages,
introduction of comfortable site maternity uniforms, provision of returning mothers packages, female job shadowing sessions with leaders among others.

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