Majority refutes Speaker’s accusations, upholds President’s constitutional integrity


In response to Speaker Bagbin’s criticism of President Akufo-Addo’s communication regarding the anti-gay bill, the Majority Caucus in Parliament issued a robust defense, emphasizing the President’s commitment to constitutional principles.

In a letter signed by its leader, Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin, the Majority Caucus asserted that the President’s communication was not dictatorial but rather underscored his respect for constitutional processes. They emphasized that the President’s letter did not impose any binding directives on the Speaker or Parliament.

Addressing Speaker Bagbin’s reaction to the President’s letter, the Majority Caucus lamented what they deemed as an unwarranted attack on the President’s integrity. They highlighted the President’s adherence to legal injunctions pending before the Supreme Court, maintaining that his actions were by the rule of law.

Refuting accusations of undermining Parliament’s authority, the Majority Caucus argued that the President’s letter did not contravene constitutional provisions and did not seek to disrupt democratic governance. They criticized Speaker Bagbin’s decision to adjourn the House indefinitely, asserting that it deprived the government of essential ministerial appointments crucial for effective governance.

Furthermore, the Majority Caucus criticized what they perceived as the Speaker’s arbitrary decision-making process, accusing him of disregarding established parliamentary practices and bypassing the House’s leadership. They warned of adverse consequences on the economy and government operations due to the Speaker’s actions.

In a scathing rebuke, the Majority Caucus accused the Minority, particularly the NDC, of exploiting the situation for political gain. They accused the NDC of intentionally misrepresenting the President’s letter to advance their agenda and undermine the NPP’s governance.

Concluding their letter, the Majority Caucus reaffirmed their support for President Akufo-Addo’s administration and expressed confidence in the electorate’s rejection of the NDC’s purported political machinations come the next election cycle.

By Eugene Davis

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