Evivi signs agreement with GH Schools becomes their official rice sponsor


Ghana’s leading local rice brand, Evivi, is now the official rice partner for the GH Schools, one of Ghana’s leading private provider of tertiary education.

This will ensure the availability of the rice brand on the school’s campus all the time for easy access by the students. This became possible after the school signed an agreement with Newage Agric Solutions, producers of Evivi rice.
At a signing ceremony at the school’s premises in Achimota, Accra, the school’s Rector, Mr. Leslie Addo Listowell, explained that the partnership is to enable the school to easily acquire high-quality Ghanaian rice for use by its catering students in all their practical cooking classes, and subsequently, the entire school.
He expressed his delight about the support Evivi Rice has offered the school, and the willingness to continue contributing towards the well-being of the school. He explained that not only were they going to purchase all their rice from Evivi rice, but they were also going to encourage their students to adopt the rice brand as part of their academic project work for mutual benefits.
“GH catering School will be using Evivi rice for all our practicals. Each student in the catering department will be given a quantity for free and the rest can be bought from the school at a discounted price. We are going to have a day to mark the Evivi Festival, which will be dedicated to eating only Evivi rice throughout. Evivi rice will also be sponsoring the Gh Movie Awards. Finally, before the production houses go on to their movie productions, they will be engaged in a competing project work that requires them to come up with evivi adverts and animations and the winners will be rewarded with Evivi Rice and some cash prize,” he explained.
He further explained that since the school has other subsidiaries, which may not necessarily require the use of rice in their course of study, to benefit from this partnership, they will be made to also participate in a challenge to engage the Evivi Rice brand.
“If you want to be part of the Evivi family as a Cosmetology student, a technology student or a Media School student, there is an opportunity for you to share the Evivi adverts and animations that will be created on your social media handles and the student with the highest engagement, will be rewarded with Evivi rice,” he added.
The Commodities Manager of Newage Agric Solutions, Ms. Joana Asante urged he students not to hesitate to seek help from their lecturers and even her company, the producers of Evivi, in the course of their studies since that is what will help them become better at what they do.
She encouraged the students to take up the responsibility of adopting the EVIVI brand as theirs and be its ambassadors wherever they find themselves.
“With Evivi rice, because it is freshly harvested, you need just a small amount of water to cook it. You can reach out to us or your lecturers if you need help with any issue concerning the rice. Also, we are now a family so I will urge you all to make evivi your own and be as creative with it as possible in your cooking, pictures and even content ideas.”
The agreement between the two entities was signed by the Rector of GH schools, Mr. Leslie Addo Listowell, and the Commodities Manager of Evivi Rice, Ms. Joana Asante, with some other members of staff from both institutions as witnesses and in the presence of the student body.

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