SIGA boss urges African public sector to embrace AI for enhanced governance


John Boadu, Director General of the State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA), has called upon African public institutions to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to propel governance and service delivery goals forward.

Addressing attendees at the inaugural Africa Public Sector Leadership & Innovation Awards 2024 in Accra, Boadu emphasized the transformative power of AI in optimizing efficiency and service quality across various sectors such as healthcare, housing, and education.

He said,  “Effective today all African public sector leaders gathered here must see themselves as leaders of ESG and innovation, we must prioritize the use of AI technologies to fully realize its potential in advancing our governance and service delivery goals, ultimately benefiting our citizens while promoting sustainable development across the continent.”

Mr.Boadu urged African public sector leaders to prioritize AI adoption, viewing themselves as champions of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and innovation. He stressed that leveraging AI technologies is key to realizing governance and service delivery goals, ultimately benefiting citizens and fostering sustainable development continent-wide.

Furthermore, Mr.Boadu affirmed SIGA’s commitment to supporting ESG initiatives throughout Africa, positioning the event as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and reflection on addressing Africa’s challenges.

Despite growing interest, the SIGA boss acknowledged the slow adoption of AI in the public sector, citing challenges such as skill gaps, limited research investment, and regulatory uncertainties. He highlighted AI-powered chatbots as tools for citizen engagement and analytics for feedback analysis on policies and legislation.

Mr. Boadu underscored the timeliness of the event’s theme, “Innovative Sustainable Public Sector Leadership: A Tribute to ESG Investments, Sustainable Business Models & Public-Private Partnerships,” stressing the urgent need for innovative and sustainable leadership. Notably, Mr. Boadu emphasized SIGA’s commitment to environmental sustainability within the public sector, championing governance standards, transitioning to paperless practices, and fostering climate-smart investments for a greener Ghana.

By Eugene Davis

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