Unlocking Ghana’s mining potential …fund managers encouraged to invest in the mining value chain


In a bid to maximize profits from mining activities, Ghanaian Pension Funds and Fund Managers have received a clarion call to consider investments in the mining value chain. The Ghana Stock Exchange, in collaboration with the Minerals Income Investment Fund, recently organized a workshop in Accra aimed at demystifying mining as a viable asset class for long-term investments.

Madam Abena Amoah, Managing Director of the Ghana Stock Exchange, emphasized the need for fund managers to capitalize on the abundant opportunities within the mining industry. She highlighted the importance of building knowledge capital to navigate these opportunities effectively.

The workshop provided insights into the architecture of mining, from exploration to development, delivered by Kwabena Barning, Chief Technical Officer of MIIF, a seasoned miner with over two decades of experience. Barning emphasized the significance of patient capital and local ownership in maximizing the benefits of mining activities.

Bubune Sorkpor, Chief Investment Officer of MIIF, shared success stories of investments in mining ventures, underscoring the potential for significant returns and Ghanaian participation at the decision-making level in global mining companies.

Participants explored various investment opportunities along the mining value chain, including mine support services companies and exploration projects. Sorkpor highlighted the substantial investment potential in local content businesses servicing the mining industry.

The workshop also introduced innovative investment avenues such as the Physical Gold-Backed ETF, providing fund managers with alternative asset classes to diversify their portfolios and hedge against currency fluctuations.

MIIF’s initiatives aim to expand capital accessibility to the mining sector, fostering the growth of Ghanaian mining champions and deepening the country’s capital markets, in alignment with the vision of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo.

The workshop served as a call to action for fund managers to seize the untapped potential within Ghana’s mining industry, contributing to economic growth and development.

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