First National Bank equips journalists with financial analysis and ethical reporting skills 


First National Bank has completed the training of business news reporters and editors at its maiden Journalism Academy workshop in Accra. 

Participants received lessons in analyzing financial statements and the importance of ethical reporting at the two-day workshop, organized by First National Bank Ghana in partnership with the University of Media, Arts and Communication – Institute of Journalism (UNIMAC-IJ). 

Opening the Academy, the Executive Director of First National Bank Ghana, Sylvia Inkoom, explained that the initiative to support the continuing education of the reporters is a demonstration of the bank’s commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

“The First National Bank Journalism Academy exemplifies our dedication to promoting financial literacy, advancing journalistic excellence, and supporting the media’s vital role in fostering informed societies,” Madam Inkoom said.

With the rapid evolution of technology and the increasing complexity of financial landscapes, the Journalism Academy provided participants with invaluable insights into analyzing financial reports, understanding various economic indicators and being able to make sense of their implications for businesses, individuals, and the broader nation. 

One of the focal points of the Academy was the impact of artificial intelligence on journalism. Through engaging discussions and hands-on demonstrations, participants explored how AI can enhance reporting practices, streamline fact-checking processes, and personalize content delivery, while adhering to ethical guidelines and maintaining transparency.

The lead facilitator for the Journalism Academy, Professor Nixon Kariithi, pointed out that ethics in journalism remains paramount, particularly in the context of financial reporting. He further emphasized the importance of upholding ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest, and ensuring fair and balanced coverage.

“We at First National Bank understand the need for journalists to understand the role they play in society,” Prof. Kariithi said. “That is why we are not just refreshing their knowledge but engaging them in thought-provoking discussions on navigating ethical dilemmas, preserving editorial independence, and fostering public trust in an era of misinformation and sensationalism.” 

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