YEA CEO to transform Ghana’s employment landscape …amidst record-breaking achievements


Kofi Agyepong, CEO of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), has stated strongly his unwavering dedication to reshaping the employment landscape in Ghana through the agency’s impactful initiatives.

Under his leadership, the YEA has surpassed its 2023 youth employment target by an impressive 16%, with projections indicating engagement of 71,500 youths across various programs.

Speaking to participants at the Impact Hub programme in the USA, Mr. Agyapong said “In spite of the challenges ahead, I reaffirmed YEA’s unwavering dedication to reshaping Ghana’s employment landscape. With determination and resilience, I am committed to leading the charge in eradicating the scourge of unemployment, one success story at a time.”

The government of Ghana, in collaboration with the YEA, has spearheaded significant recruitment drives, including the enlistment of 15,000 Community Protection Assistants working alongside the Ghana Police Service, 6,000 Community Health Workers serving within the Ghana Health Service, and 1,500 Prison Office Assistants stationed at Ghana Prisons Service facilities.

Additionally, the YEA has employed 4,000 individuals for the Cocoa Rehabilitation Programme and 5,000 Insurance Agents for the National Insurance Commission, with competitive base pay.

Importantly, he shed light on YEA’s relentless efforts to combat pervasive youth unemployment in the sub-Saharan region. Despite the enormity of the task at hand, he  shared the authority’s journey, acknowledging the uphill battle yet to be fought.

Furthermore, the YEA’s Job Centre has facilitated the creation of 13,000 direct job placements, among other successful endeavors.

He showcased YEA’s innovative approach, spearheading initiatives like Community Protection Assistants, Community Health Workers, and Prison Office Assistants.

Collaborations with esteemed partners such as Afarinick, Inzag, insurance companies, and now Guinness Ghana Limited have bolstered the company’s efforts towards sustainable youth employment.

The Business & Employment Assistance Programme (BEAP),was another sell for the CEO, who walked participants  through the programme, which aims  to provide salary support to over 10,000 businesses directly. Additionally, the YEA’s support extends to nurturing the garment industry, empowering over 500 micro, medium, and small-scale apparel companies alongside 40 major garment enterprises, facilitating extensive training opportunities in dress-making.

Highlighting the commitment to skills development, the YEA shared the pride of training approximately 10,000 youth across ten trade areas, laying the foundation for lifelong empowerment.

Despite the inevitable challenges on the horizon, Mr. Agyepong maintained that the YEA’s dedication to reshaping Ghana’s employment landscape.

By Eugene Davis

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