Captivating Showcase of Creativity: APASOUR KASA Graduation Fashion Show unveils emerging talent


Yesterday marked the grand culmination of creative endeavors at the APASOUR KASA graduation fashion show, where students from various fashion academies unveiled their artistic creations. The event, aptly named ‘Scissors Talk,’ provided a platform for budding designers to showcase their graduation collections, a tradition at the end of the academic year.
What caught our attention was the exceptional color selection exhibited by the African design students. From vibrant Ankara to the traditional Kente, and even bridal two-piece collections, the students displayed a remarkable array of colors and fabrics. The standout feature was the use of customized prints, akin to print-on-demand, resulting in eye-catching combinations of clothes that truly captivated the audience.
The weaving intricacies of Kente, a traditional Ghanaian fabric, posed a challenge for some students. However, their innovative approaches demonstrated a commitment to overcoming obstacles and pushing the boundaries of creativity.
Highlighting Remarkable Collections:

Musa Yaya:
Musa Yaya debuted the BOBO INTIMACY men’s collection, showcasing tiny, transparent, and sparkling textiles that added a delicate touch to the ensembles. Each piece was exquisitely tailored, showcasing Musa’s commitment to precision and craftsmanship.
Alina Mensah:
Alina Mensah presented couples collections named ‘’MEDOFO PA’’ with support from Patricia Loba (PATTY FASHIONGH). These ensembles, including bow ties, mens ties, full dress gowns, banners, and matriculation robes, reflected a blend of elegance and cultural significance.
Zamar Stitches:
Zamar Stitches wowed with the TriBe collection, featuring a wonderful color palette including peach, lilac, and terracotta. The neo-hippie-inspired designs incorporated jute and cotton, emphasizing comfort and movement.
Razzup Men Collection:
Razzup Men Collection drew attention with its remarkable, albeit less wearable, series of dresses named Abrantei and Ababaawa. The dresses, attached to the models’ faces with small wires or threads, added a unique and playful element to the collection.

Explicit Collection:
The Amamere (Culture) collection by Explicit Collection was a standout, drawing inspiration from the dress of the Ashanti chief from the late ’30s. The meticulously crafted men’s clothes reflected outstanding proportions and a deep connection to cultural heritage.
Nurturing Emerging Talent:
Beyond the dazzling runway, the significance of this graduation lies in the commitment of training centers to nurture young talent in the fashion industry. Scholarships are awarded to brilliant yet needy students, providing comprehensive support, including mentorship, resources, and platforms for aspiring designers. This commitment underscores the potential of the youth to shape the future of African fashion, making it not just a sentiment but a driving force behind a visionary mission.
As the students receive their certificates, the impact of this graduation extends far beyond individual achievements, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Africa’s fashion landscape and fostering a new generation of creative minds.
So, in the aforementioned graduation ceremony dubbed ‘Apasour kasa,’ the director of KobbyYoungClassic Fashion Training Center stated, ‘Investing in the youth today is an investment in the future.’ In his speech, he pleaded with other stakeholders to assist in training those with the desire and passion for the fashion industry, much like Miss Patricia Loba is doing at her training center in Odorkor, in the Greater Accra region of Ghana.
He was of the opinion that these efforts would not only provide employment but also help curb streetism and address other social vices such as prostitution, armed robbery, drugs, rape, and teenage pregnancies that are very common among today’s youth.
In his closing remarks, he expressed the hope that if the government could partner with them to support Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TEVET), it would go a long way in reducing youth unemployment.
Mrs. Martha Akofante of Zamar Stitches expressed her admiration for Patricia Loba’s exceptional designs. In a comment, she mentioned, ‘Patricia’s designs are truly exceptional, a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. It’s inspiring to witness such creativity in the fashion industry.'”
Margareth Boateng, CEO of Explicit Collection, was impressed by Patricia Loba’s distinctive style. In her statement, she shared, ‘Patricia’s unique style truly stood out at the exhibition. It’s a testament to her vision and dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion.'”
Daniel Tackie, CEO of Razzup Men from Dodowa, extended his best wishes to Patricia Loba in a heartfelt comment. He stated, ‘Wishing Patricia the best in her work. Her commitment to excellence in fashion is truly commendable. May she continue to shine and inspire others in the industry.'”

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