SMEs applaud Vodafone Business for introducing innovative solutions


Vodafone Business, Ghana’s leading enterprise communications provider, has been commended for its innovative products and solutions that are helping businesses grow succeed and thrive in this digital world.

Sharing their experiences at the Vodafone SME Month 2022 launch, themed “Further Together”, several SMEs praised Vodafone Business for introducing innovative solutions that have helped them to transform their businesses and become more digital over the years.

According to the Deputy Manager of Qwexdjoa Enterprise, Frederick Owusu, Vodafone Business has helped them gain visibility.

He said: “Working with Vodafone Business has created visibility for our line of products called ‘Nutritious Healthy Bites’.

This is because of initiatives such as capacity-building and digital presence support. We are very happy that they intend to build websites for selected businesses for free this month, too. I believe that this will help my outfit to remain competitive, profitable, and relevant now and beyond”.

Malaika Akorsah from Cenpower Generation Company Limited also said:

“We have used Vodafone for the past seven years and they have been a tremendous help to us. We use both their dedicated internet and their call services.

Vodafone’s service is very reliable, always available and strong. Their customer service is always ready to listen to our challenges and assist. I urge all companies to use their internet, especially in these times when new technologies are changing the world”.

Claudia Obeng, a representative from Nsoroma GPS, a premier vehicle and fleet management service in Ghana, added that Vodafone has helped them to retrieve several stolen cars because of its cost-efficient packages.

 “We have been in Ghana for over 15 years and Vodafone has been an excellent partner. Vodafone has created cost-efficient packages for us and it has really helped us a lot. Thanks to them, we have been able to retrieve several stolen vehicles. This has boosted our business image over the years. We really appreciate Vodafone”.

Commenting, Director for the Enterprise Business Unit and Wholesale at Vodafone Ghana, Tawa Bolarin said, “SMEs are the engine of growth for most economies, Ghana included. Vodafone Business is strategically positioned to be the propeller for the growth of SMEs. The impact we have made on this journey has been phenomenal for us as a business, as well as the organisations we have touched over the years.”

‘’Similar to previous years, we are offering free products and services that SMEs can take advantage of. I am particularly excited about the many initiatives we have put in place this month to develop, transform and help businesses on their digitalisation journey. These include FREE website development for 20 businesses, training for 10 businesses, 50% discount on bills for 10 Vodafone Business customers and more. I am inviting all SMEs to take part in this year’s Vodafone Business SME Month. Let’s Grow Further Together,” she concluded.

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